M.Pharm Project Work

M.Pharmacy Batch 2008-10
Sl.No Name Title of dissertation Internal guide
1 P.Santosh Enhancement of dissolution of irbesartan using different techniques C.Aparna
2 D.Devendar Enhancement of dissolution rate of aceclofenac with meglumin as a novel ternary component Dr.M.Sadanandam
3 E.Durga Prasad Formulation and evaluation of atomoxetine HCL buccal drug delivery system S.Indira
4 T.Archana Formulation and evaluation of implantable drug delivery system for temozolamide Dr.Prathima srinivas
5 B.Kantha rao Formulation and evaluation of ornidazole topical emulgels Dr.M.Sadanandam
6 S.Rubina Formulation and evaluation of frusemide semi solid matrix capsules by liquid filling technology Dr.M.Sadanandam
7 M.Sunitha Formulation and evaluation of capecitabine tablets for colon specific drug delivery system Dr.Prathima srinivas
8 M.Preethi Formulation and evaluation of duloxetine HCL delayed release enteric coated capsules Dr.Prathima srinivas
9 N.Vijay dixit Formulation and evaluation of diclofenac sodium matrix tablets using new natural polymer Dr.Prathima srinivas
10 M.Vandana Formulation and evaluation of fast disintergrating tablets and films for carbinoxamine maleate S.Indira
M.Pharmacy Batch 2007-09
S.No Student Name Guide Name Title of the Research Project
1 V.Sirish Sadhana Khatry Development and Evaluation of Novel In-situ Ocular gels of Ketorolac Tromethamine
2 D.Vishnu Vardhan S.Indira Formulation and Evaluation of cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride loaded sustained release microspheres.
3 Reshma sultana C.Aparna Comparative Evaluation of Different superisintegrants on dissolution of poorly soluble drugs.
4 Keerthi priya Dr.Nalini Shastri Dissolution rate Enhancement of Glimepiride and olanzapine By spray drying technique.
5 GL. Archana Dr.M.Sadanandam Formulation and Evaluation of Aceclofenac Topical Emulgels.
6 D.Saritha Sadhana khatry Dissolution Enhancement of poorly soluble drugs using hot melt Extrusion Technology.
7 N.Lavanya C.Aparna Formulation and Evaluation of Glipizide microemulsion.
8 G.Sudhathi Prof.Nalini Shastri Screening, optimization and characterization of polymers for orally dissolving films.
9 Taqui Mohammed Dr.M.Sadanandam Formulation and Evaluation pantoprazole sodium enteric coated tablets using different super disintegrants.
10 M.Pradeep kumar Prof.Nalini Shastri Formulation and Evaluation of controlled release systems by Ion-Exchange Resins.
M.Pharmacy Batch 2006-08
S.No Student Name Guide Name Title of the Research Project
1 M.Sathish Kumar C.Aparna Formulation & Evaluation of Buccoadhesive Drug Delivery systems of Ropinipole Hydrochloride.
2 D.Prashanti Sadhana katry Formulation  and Evaluation of Transdermal Drug delivery system of Alfuzosin Hydrochloride.
3 G.Rajendra Prasad S.Indira Formulation & Evaluation of Gastroretentive Dosage forms of cefixime.
4 T.Naga Aparna Prof. Nalini shastri Dissolution Enhancement of Domperidone an Frusemide using liquisolid compact Technology.
5 Ch.Swathi C.Aparna Enhancement of solubility and Dissolution Rate of Satranidazole.
6 M.Kalpana Prof. Nalini shastri F&E of Aceclofenac semisolid Matrix Formulations by liquid filling Technology in hard geltin capsules.
7 G.Narendra Naik Dr.M.Sadanandam Enhancement of solubility and dissolution rates of  Repaglinide using complexation by cyclodextrings.
8 D.Sucharita devi S.Indira Formulation Evaluation and scale up of Fentantyl citrate effervescent Buccal tablets.
9 A.Vasudev Sadhana katry F&E of Fast Disintegrating tablets for domperidone using ew superdisintegrants.
10 P.Vasavi Prof. Nalini shastri F&E of Extended Release pellets of diltiazem Hydrochloride.
M.Pharmacy Batch 2005-07
S.No Student Name Guide Name Title of the Research Project
1 G.Prasad S.Indira Development a Evaluation of Gastroretentive Dosage Forms for Cefdinir
2 A.Mahesh Prof.Nalini shastri Development and Evaluation of Fast Disintegrating Films and Tablets for Levocetrizine Dihydrochloride.
3 J.Nageshwara Rao Prof.Nalini shastri Antimicrobial studies and Evalulation of Herbal formulation of Alternanthera sessils.
4 T.Kiran Prof. Nalini shastri Enhancement of dissolution Rate of glime piride by surface solid dispersions.
5 N.Vijay Kumar Sadhana Katry Process development, scaleup and validation of  Lyophilizatin for omeprazole sodium injectables.
6 M.Deepika Sadhana katry Process development and validation of  Enalapril maleate tablets.
7 P.Srikanth Prof. Nalini shastri Prospective process validation of diclofenac sodium retard tablets.
8 A.Visala C.Aparna Formulation development and Evaulation of  Satranidazole local Drug delivery systems for the treatment of periodotitis.
M.Pharmacy Batch 2004-06
S.No Student Name Guide Name Title of the Research Project
1 P.Sadashivudu Prof.Nalini shastri Concurrent process validation and cleaning forFluconazole capsules
2 V.Satish kumar Sadhana khatry Process Development, Scale-up and Validation of multi unit particulate system technology for oeprazole magnesium tablets.
3 Ch.Naveen kumar Prof.Nalini shastri Development ad in-vitro characterization of surface modified solid lipid nano-particles for oral insulin delivery.
4 Mohd.Abdul Bhari Prof.Nalini shastri Crystal agglomeration of Ciprofloxacin  Hydrochloride by spherical agglomeration technique
5 D.Bhaskar Dr.M.Sadanandam Prospective   Process Validation and Cleaning for Paracetamol and Chlorpheniramine maleate tablets
6 D.Prabhakar C.Aparna Development of Transdermal patches for Bisoprolol fumerate.
7 G.Trivikram Dr.M.Sadanandam Process Development of Metformin Hydrochloride and Gliclazide bilayered tablets.
8 G.Rohini Sadhana khatry Development of cotrolled release ocular inserts of Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride.

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